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Harper would lose 33 seats if election held today

The Globe and Mail reports that, “Stephen Harper’s Conservatives would lose 33 seats if an election were held today and only maintain a tenuous hold on minority government, according to a new EKOS poll.”

“The EKOS data is consistent with two polls released yesterday showing the Tories and Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals effectively tied for support and that Canadians are displeased with Mr. Harper’s decision to prorogue Parliament.”

“If an election were held today, (EKOS) says, the Tories would have only 112 seats compared to the 145 they have now. …(EKOS) has the Ignatieff team winning 107 seats compared to the 77 seats they have now. …The NDP would win 33 seats, down from the 37 they have now. And the Bloc Quebecois would win five more seats, going to 53 from 48 seats.”

The Council of Canadians is opposed to Stephen Harper’s prorogation of Parliament and believes that parliamentarians should be back at work on Monday January 25.

We support the Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament Facebook campaign to write Members of Parliament with this demand and their call to participate in rallies across the country on Saturday January 23. (In fact, anti-prorogation rallies are now being planned in London, England, as well as New York and possibly Los Angeles.)
To sign the Facebook petition and to get more information about the rallies on January 23, please go to the front-page of our website at www.canadians.org.