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Heavy equipment removed from Site 41

The Midland Mirror reports that, “The county …began removing construction equipment from the site Wednesday morning (the morning after the vote for a one-year moratorium).”

“’Watching the big heavy equipment being rolled out, to see it being dismantled, was very moving,’ said Maude Barlow, the Council of Canadians chairperson.”

The Barrie Examiner adds, “Watching and applauding with the others who participated in the 110-day standoff, Council of Canadians head Maude Barlow smiled and joined the hugs as each trailer squeezed out of the gate onto the two-lane dirt road.”

The Barrie Examiner notes, “On hand for the entire political debate Tuesday, Barlow said the day was ‘a wonderful day for democracy. The people were knowledgeable, intense and organized and they told their councillors what they wanted them to do and the councillors listened. Simcoe County council decided it’s their job to protect the water, not to find places for garbage. It was an important shift and a moving thing to watch.’”

The Midland Mirror adds, “‘I think that county council came together yesterday, and with their vote, started the healing process,’ Barlow said. ‘They finally started to listen to the people and realized that this project was wrong.'”

It is believed that Councillor Doug Little’s motion to shut down Site 41 could be discussed at the county’s corporate services committee before being voted on by county councillors on September 22.

Site 41 supporter Warden Tony Guergis now says, “I’m voting next month to stop it. …There is absolutely no question that the best solution is to walk away from the site.”

The full news articles are at http://www.thebarrieexaminer.com/ArticleDisplay.aspx?e=1717250 and http://www.midlandmirror.com/midlandmirror/article/143916.