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Heavy RCMP presence near fracking-testing in New Brunswick today

APTN reports, “A heavy RCMP presence is in an area Tuesday where a Houston-based energy company is expected to resume its controversial shale gas exploration. About 30 people from Elsipogtog and their supporters have set up a camp near Hwy 11 by Laketon, NB., where SWN Resources is expected to begin laying down geophones in preparation for seismic testing set for Wednesday. …About a dozen Mi’kmaq Warriors camped out overnight along Hwy 11. The group was joined by reinforcements on Tuesday morning and people there gathered around a small fire keeping warm. …Another camp still remains on Route 134, which sits about 15 km southeast of Elsipogtog.”

Map: Rexton to Laketon

To situate this news, the map has an A which marks Rexton (where the RCMP attacked a peaceful blockade against fracking in mid-October) and B marks Laketon. The waterway to the right is the Northumberland Strait, which runs between New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. The strait is in the southern part of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, the outlet for the Great Lakes via the Saint Lawrence River into the Atlantic Ocean. You will also note Kouchibouguac National Park, which includes barrier islands, sand dunes, lagoons, salt marshes and forests. It provides habitat for seabirds and seals.

The two photos by Jacqueline Clair show SWN Resources laying out their ‘geophones’ equipment for testing, while the other photo shows the RCMP presence there earlier this morning.


The Council of Canadians has been supporting these protests in numerous ways, including through material aid to the camp on Route 134 with the provision of a generator, floodlights, extension cord, tarp, sleeping bags, lanterns, blankets, coolers, ice and wood.

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