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Kamloops labour council president notes strong relationship with Kamloops chapter

Kamloops Chapter

The Kamloops chapter.

Congratulations to Barbara Nederpel who became the new president of the Kamloops and District Labour Council this past Tuesday.

InfoTel News reports, “Nederpel says she plans to continue [past president Peter] Kerek’s work, building closer relationships with the community. She believes labour groups in and around Kamloops have strong working relationships with groups like the Council of Canadians and Kamloops Health Coalition. ‘But there is more we can do to engage union members to also get more active in key community issues like protecting Medicare and promoting environmentally responsible industrial projects’, she says.”

As noted on their website, the Council of Canadians Kamloops chapter “works hard to keep people informed and active on issues such as Peace, the Environment, Democracy and a variety of local issues.” Among their key activities are an annual walk for peace, the environment and social justice, monthly small discussion groups, an annual sale of fair trade arts and crafts from artisans from around the world, forums for political candidates in federal, provincial and municipal elections to express their views, and much more.

At the Council of Canadians annual conference in Hamilton last year, we prioritized ‘Forging Solidarity’ with our civil society allies. That gathering brought together activists from labour, Indigenous, environmental, health and youth movements to fight back against Harper’s austerity agenda, the elimination of door-to-door delivery by Canada Post, and industrial projects that threaten the environment.

Today’s news report notes, “Nederpel calls 2015 an important year because of the federal election and the need to get more union members active in voting.” We agree and note Toronto & York Region Labour Council president (and Council of Canadians Board member) John Cartwright’s recent op-ed in the Toronto Star, How to ‘take back the country’ in this year’s federal election.

We look forward to a continuing strong relationship with the new president of the Kamloops and District Labour Council and the broader labour movement.

For more on the work of the Kamloops chapter, please see their website and their Facebook page.

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