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Kenney says no to deal with NDP to prop up Harper government

The Globe and Mail reports this afternoon that, “A senior Conservative cabinet minister is dismissing the chances the minority Harper government might be able to cut a deal with the NDP in order to stay in office. … Immigration Minister Jason Kenney told a Calgary radio show Wednesday that he cannot see NDP Leader Jack Layton and the Tories finding enough common ground to reach an agreement that would see the New Democrats prop up the Conservative government.”

As such, “Canadians appear to be headed for a fall election after Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff announced Tuesday his party will no longer prop up the minority Tory government and will actively seek its defeat.”

The Toronto Star reported yesterday that, “Liberal sources said they’ll be looking to bring the government down at the earliest opportunity — probably the first week of October. That would mean the country going to the polls as early as Nov. 9. …Under the arrangement worked out last June by Harper and Ignatieff, Liberals will get their first chance to defeat the Conservative government somewhere between Oct. 1 and Oct. 9, and if not then, several more chances present themselves through subsequent weeks.”