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Kent County chapter & allies at Walk for the Water in Sikniktuk Mi’kma’ki

The Council of Canadians Kent County chapter and allies are gathering this morning for the Walk for the Water in Sikniktuk Mi’kma’ki.

Mi’kmaq Territory – referred to as Mi’kma’ki – consists of all of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Edward Island, New Brunswick (north of the Saint John River), the Gaspe region in Quebec, and parts of Newfoundland and Maine. The Districts of Mi’kma’ki are Sikniktuk, Kespukwitk, Sipekne’katik, Eskikewa’kik, Unama’kik, Epekwitk Aqq Piktuk and Kespek. Elsipogtog First Nation is located within the district of Sikniktuk.

The 9-day Walk for the Water in Sikniktuk Mi’kma’ki starts today and concludes on September 24.

Chapter activist Ann Pohl posted this morning, “Day 1, our crew assembled, opening ceremonies done and ready to walk. Folks from Indian Brook First Nation, Moncton, and Quebec (actually Reunion Island near Madagascar) are with us. A neighbour in this area drove up earlier and said she just read the article in the newspaper about our walk and came by to thank us for doing this.”

She adds, “Kenneth [Francis, a prominent member of the Elsipogtog First Nation] reflected that it was at this exact spot in early December 2013 that SWN finally turned their [fracking thumper] trucks around and gave up, decided to head back to Texas. This first day we honoured the protectors involved in the work to Stop Alton Gas!”

Facebook outreach for it says, “Walk for Water will be led by Women. Everyone is invited to join in. You are welcome to walk with us for a few hours, a few days, or the entire way. If you cannot walk, there are other ways you can participate. Travelling an average of 7.5 km per day for nine days, we will cross more than 30 streams, ponds, wetlands, and rivers in central Kent County, within the Sikniktuk District of Mi’kma’ki.”

It adds, “This is a community project hosted by Kopit Lodge at Elsipogtog First Nation. Kopit Lodge’s mission is to protect the Water. The Walk for the Water in Sikniktuk Mi’kma’ki is supported by the Council of Canadians’ Kent County chapter.”

Another article on the walk highlights, “Each day we will honour a specific Water Protection Campaign. On Friday September 16th (our first day), Dorene Bernard from Sipekne’katik District in the Nova Scotia part of Mi’kma’ki will be with us to share information about the work there to defend their rivers from Alton Gas plans to store frack gas in salt caverns. Each following day, someone will provide info on other current, courageous Water Protection efforts.”

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