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Kitchener-Waterloo & Guelph chapters at ‘Water is Life’ conference with Maude Barlow

David Lubell, Maude Barlow, Mary Jackes. Photo by Norah Chaloner.

The Council of Canadians Kitchener-Waterloo chapter tabled at the ‘Water is Life’ event at the University of Waterloo yesterday that featured Maude Barlow, Vandana Shiva, Chief Leslee White-Eye, and Shiv Chopra.

Guelph chapter activist Norah Chaloner also participated in the conference.

The web-promotion for the event noted, “From Nestle to Standing Rock… From the threats to defund the Great Lakes water protection efforts to the threats of climate change on water recharge and quality… From dwindling fossil water in our food growing regions to regional conflicts over surface water rage… How we respond depends greatly on how we characterize water. While ‘Water is Life’ is a rallying cry for water protectors on the front lines, understanding what it means to recognize Water as ‘life’ impacts what course of action we take at this crucial time.”

On Facebook, the Dangerous Ideas Festival highlighted, “Water is Life. A catch phrase for some, a call to action for others, and for many in the world, Water is simply the foundation of a world view based on regeneration. During this 30th anniversary for Navdanya Institute, founder Dr. Vandana Shiva will share insights into movements around the globe defending the right to Water, joined by fellow Water defenders Maude Barlow and Chief Leslee White-Eye. Introduction by colleague Dr. Shiv Chopra.”

And as noted on Navdanya’s website, “Navdanya means ‘nine seeds’ (symbolizing protection of biological and cultural diversity) and also the ‘new gift’ (for seed as commons, based on the right to save and share seeds. Navdanya is a women centred movement for the protection of biological and cultural diversity.”

Yesterday’s event was sponsored by the University of Waterloo Faculty of Environment, the Waterloo Institute for Complexity and Innovation (WICI), the Environmental Change & Governance Group (ECGG), the Graduate Students Endowment Fund (GSEF), The Water Institute, and St. Paul’s.