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London Chapter makes sure Ontario municipal leaders get the message on CETA

The Council of Canadians London chapter greeted delegates on their way in to the annual meeting of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) this week with warm smiles and an important message in the form of a comic book about CETA.  Chapter members gave out almost 1000 copies of the simple illustrated guide “Top ten reasons why CETA is bad for Canada” in English and French to make sure that this important gathering of mayors and city councilors from across Ontario understood how their communities are threatened by the proposed Canada-EU free trade deal.

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The chapter also gave out buttons with the message “CETA: Don’t gamble with our cities”

Our London Chapter Contact, Don McLeod, reports that the information and buttons were well received by all, including convention centre security guards and a few police officers that stopped by to say hello.

Written by Mark Calzavara and Maryam Adrangi, Ontario-Quebec Organizing Team