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London chapter promotes carbon farming at Seedy Saturday gathering

The Council of Canadians London chapter promoted carbon farming at a Seedy Saturday gathering this past weekend.

Modern Farmer says, “Carbon farming is agriculture’s answer to climate change. Simply put, the goal is to take excess carbon out of the atmosphere, where the element causes global warming, and store it in the soil, where carbon aids the growth of plants. The principle is pretty straightforward—the practice, not so much.”

It further explains, “Most folks understand that burning fossil fuels puts carbon that was once buried deep beneath the earth into the atmosphere, turning the planet into one big greenhouse in the process. But in addition to petroleum underground, the soil on the surface of the earth contains a sizable store of carbon in the form of organic matter—the stuff that environmentally aware farmers and gardeners are always striving to maximize. Plants add organic matter to the soil when they decompose, and photosynthesis, by definition, removes carbon dioxide from the air and pumps it through the roots of plants and into the soil.”

350.org founder Bill McKibben describes carbon farming as “a powerful vision”, one that he hopes will “presage major changes in our species’ use of the land.”

Seedy Saturday gatherings encourage the use of open-pollinated and heritage seeds, facilitate local seed exchanges, and promote public education on seed saving, environmentally responsible gardening practices and a wide variety of issues. Our Quinte and Prince Albert chapters have also participated in Seedy Saturday events.

For more on carbon farming, please see this article.