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MEMORIAM: Hamilton activist Maggie Hughes passes away

The Council of Canadians mourns the passing of Hamilton activist Maggie Hughes.

Raise The Hammer notes, “Maggie Hughes has died after a long struggle with multiple sclerosis. Maggie was an independent journalist and a tireless advocate for social justice, citizen activism and environmental sustainability. For 12 years she produced a weekly radio program on CFMU 93.3 FM called The Other Side that reported and examined news and events from a grassroots rather than an institutional perspective. Her topics of interest included the Alberta Oilsands, global warming, pollution, corporate globalization, justice for First Nations communities, sustainability, civil rights, the concentration of wealth, environmental destruction, and government accountability. …Just before her death, Maggie focused on the Enbridge plan to run diluted bitumen through a 37 year old pipeline that passes through Hamilton on its way east.”

Undrustrialism adds, “To me, she wasn’t a voice on the radio, she was the one with a microphone who made it out to nearly every major protest I can name, from Red Hill to Occupy Hamilton. Her tireless and usually single-handed efforts provided a voice for activism and radical politics which outlasted every single other attempt I could name combined. She could be fierce, for sure, but that was driven by a passion for our world which never relented. Whether online or on the airwaves, she never stopped, even over the last year of her life.”

Council of Canadians Hamilton chapter activist Kathie Clark tells us, “Maggie had recently joined the COC Hamilton Chapter and attended some of our meetings. We will miss her and her passing is a loss to so many parts of our community.”

To read more about Maggie, please see http://www.raisethehammer.org/blog/2585/maggie_hughes_dies and http://undustrialism.com/2012/11/08/in-memorium-maggie-hughes/.