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Millbrook-Fraserville water pipeline planned to service casino, golf course

A letter to the editor in the Northumberland News by Jane Zednik of Campbellcroft, Ontario states that, “(A) proposed water diversion from Millbrook (via a 12 kilometre pipeline) will service not only Kawartha Downs (in the area known as Fraserville), but a casino expansion, an entertainment complex, hundreds of residential units, a golf course, hotel, recreation centre, community centre, big box stores, industrial enterprises – and on and on – a ‘complete community’, according to the Official Plan.”

“Kawartha Downs Casino Complex currently trucks in its water supply because there is not enough on site to supply its needs.”
“The (Ontario) Ministry of the Environment’s hydrogeological survey of Ontario rates the groundwater availability in this area as being only ‘fair’.”

“There is an open house/question period on this issue slated for Sept. 9, at 6 p.m., at the township office located on County Rd. 10, north of Millbrook. Consultants will be on hand to tell the public they can take the water safely and effectively, but the experts can be wrong – especially when it comes to water.”

“Many Millbrook and area residents oppose having their water diverted to a community miles away.”

“If you want to register your objections, there is an online petition at www.speakoutcavanmonaghan.ca or www.socm.ca.”

The letter to the editor can be read at http://www.northumberlandnews.com/opinion/article/134836.