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Montreal chapter attends ‘Soif de savoir, soif d’agir!’ forum

Participants at the May 30 forum. Photo by Abdul Pirani.

The Council of Canadians Montreal chapter attended the “Thirst for knowledge, thirst for action!” forum on May 30.

The outreach noted (in French), “The panel will address Montreal and global issues related to the preservation and enhancement of water. Innovative ideas will also be presented by Secondary IV and V students. The panel will thus promote exchanges between students, experts and Montreal elected officials.”

It adds, “The panel will discuss the major issues facing Montréal and the world in relation to water. What are the threats to water resources? What is the water consumption of citizens? How can a school or a city promote the preservation and enhancement of water? What are the possible solutions to preserve water resources?”

The panelists included five speakers including our ally Martine Chatelain, the spokesperson for Coalition Eau Secours!

Another website about the project notes, “Thirst for knowledge, thirst for action! Is divided into three complementary and independent components: a training course on global and Montréal water issues, a participatory workshop on water preservation and enhancement that allows you to develop your own demands on water, Projects to take concrete action within your school. As the process unfolds, students will learn to recognize the importance of water and will have tangible ideas and avenues for action and awareness.”

You can follow Coalition EauSecours on Twitter at @EauSecours1997