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The Mother Earth Water Walkers make their way through Ottawa

I joined the water walkers this afternoon in Cumberland which was an amazing experience. We walked until Montreal Road and the 174, just outside of Ottawa before we ended for the day.

The walkers kept an amazing pace throughout the day. Many were tired but all were committed to the walk and raising awareness about water. There were about 12 walkers in total with others helping out for parts of the day.

They’ll start again at 4am from where they left off (Montreal Road and the 174) tomorrow and continue along Montreal Road, Wellington Avenue, crossing at the Portage Bridge to walk on the Quebec side in the direction of Luskville. Anyone is welcome to join them. You can find out where they are by visiting this site: http://emptyglassforwater.ca/map/ (‘Click here to see where they are right now!’).

To send messages of solidarity to the walkers, email waterwalk2011@gmail.com with the subject line ‘BLUE’. The organizers of the march are posting ‘blue bubbles’ with these messages on a map they have. Please include the place you are writing from and what body of water you would like your message placed on.