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NAFTA could stop New Brunswick ban on cosmeticuse of pesticides

The Canadian Press reports that, “New Brunswick could be forced to backtrack on its intention to ban the cosmetic use of pesticides.”

The article notes, “The Canadian subsidiary of the Dow Chemical Company, Dow AgroSciences, which manufactures the herbicide 2,4-D has begun proceedings that ultimately aim to force the Quebec government to put on the market the herbicide.”

“Currently, Quebec is the only province to ban this product (but)Ontario and New Brunswick are preparing to ban the use of this pesticide.”

The Globe and Mail reports today that, “Although the company signalled in August that it was considering taking on Ottawa by filing a NAFTA notice of intent over the issue, it hasn’t formally decided to go ahead with the legal action. But Brenda Harris, the company’s manager of regulatory and government affairs, says a decision is pending and will be made this month.”

The Canadian Press article (in French) is at http://www.canoe.com/infos/environnement/archives/2009/04/20090401-170656.html

The Globe and Mail article is at http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20090403.wnafta0403/BNStory/National/home