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NEWS: Barlow invites Concordia students to Indignez-Vous! conference

The Concordian is an independent student newspaper – with a circulation of 8,000 readers – published by and for the students of Concordia University in Montreal.

Today, the newspaper reports, “The upcoming ‘Indignez-Vous! Hope in Resistance’ conference is focused on providing an alternative to the Conservative government’s agenda, according to Maude Barlow, the national chairperson of the Council of Canadians. ‘We are very keen to build a closer working relationship between progressive forces in Quebec and the rest of Canada, so that together we can move forward with an alternative vision for all,’ she said. ‘The people of Quebec clearly identified themselves as progressive in the last election and we need to build on this momentum together.'”

“Barlow extended the invitation to Concordia University students, emphasizing that all students are welcome to attend the conference.”

The article also notes, “The Council has officially declared their support for the Occupy demonstrations, which has people across the world rallying to voice concerns over issues such as corporate greed and financial inequality. ‘I am thrilled that our conference is taking place so soon after the launch of the Occupy World movement and we will be marching to the Montreal site several times and providing support and solidarity there,’ explained Barlow. ‘We join this movement in saying that workers, students, retired people and the unemployed should not have to carry the burden and pay the price for a crisis made by the private sector, for the benefit of the private sector and aided and abetted by most governments around the world.'”

The full article can be read at http://theconcordian.com/2011/10/18/indignez-vous-conference-billed-as-alternative-to-government-agenda-2/.

You can read more about the Indignez-Vous! conference/ annual general meeting taking place this Friday to Sunday at http://canadians.org/conference and http://canadians.org/indignez-vous.