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NEWS: BC Environmental Assessment Office rejects Raven coal mine application

The Tyee reports, “B.C.’s Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) has rejected an application for the Raven Coal Mine. The project’s proponent, Compliance Coal Corporation, applied for an environmental assessment certificate on April 4, 2013, after several years of preparation. Yesterday, the EAO sent a letter to Compliance president and CEO John Tapics stating that the application didn’t include all the information required and would therefore not proceed to the next stage: a more detailed review and, following that, a public comment period. …According to the EAO’s evaluation, the application was missing information on key areas, including local drinking water impacts, consultation with First Nations, and plans for mine decommissioning and site remediation.”

While this is very good news, Compliance does have the option of re-submitting its application.

The Tyee notes, “The Raven mine has faced much opposition from Comox Valley residents concerned about its impact on drinking water and the local shellfish industry.” The Council of Canadians Comox Valley chapter has been prominent among the opponents of the mine. The chapter has been raising concerns about the mine since 2010. In September 2011, Maude Barlow spoke at a large public forum in Courtenay in opposition to the mine. In November 2012, the Council of Canadians formally expressed its opposition to the Raven coal mine at our annual general meeting in Nanaimo.

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