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NEWS: Calzavara to speak at 20,000-person Foodstock event today

CTV reports this morning, “Some of the country’s most renowned chefs, butchers and chocolatiers are leading a massive rally opposing the construction of (the Melancthon) mega-quarry in southern Ontario on Sunday, attempting to save local farmland through a celebration of fine cooking and local cuisine. As many as 100 of the best chefs in Canada are gathering in Honeywood, Ont., on Sunday to participate in Foodstock, a pay-what-you-can food festival meant to raise awareness about the impact the proposed quarry will have on local farmland. Chef Michael Stadtländer, whose nearby farm and restaurants are internationally renowned, will be among the participants turning local ingredients into gourmet dishes. He said he expects up to 20,000 people to attend the one-day event to celebrate southern Ontario farmland and protest against the proposed quarry.”

A media release issued by Foodstock’s organizers on October 12 states, “The line-up of musicians backstopping this culinary tour de force includes Jim Cuddy, Sarah Harmer, Ron Sexsmith, Tom Barlow, Cuff The Duke, Hayden, Lily Frost and Jose Contreras and a host of unplugged artists. Jeremy Taggart (Our Lady Peace), will MC and speakers include Faisal Moola of The David Suzuki Foundation as well as Mark Calzavara (Council of Canadians), Danny Beaton (Mohawk First Nation) and Jeff Monague (Beausoleil First Nation).”

CTV notes, “In March, the Highland Companies applied to Ontario to excavate the largest quarry in Canadian history. The mega-quarry would span more than 2,300 acres and tap into one billion tonnes of limestone deposited north of Orangeville. It is estimated that as much as 600 million litres of water will have to be pumped from the quarry each day due to the high water table. Those who oppose the quarry say it would have a devastating effect on Ontario’s watershed and destroy farmland that grows half of all the potatoes used in the Greater Toronto Area, among other produce. ‘You have to see it. We are sitting here at the headwaters of five rivers that flow 600 million litres a day. That is not something to just ignore. That is not their water. It is everybody’s water and you don’t mess with that,’ said Stadtländer.”

More at http://canadians.org/blog/?p=11092 and http://www.ctv.ca/CTVNews/Canada/20111014/southern-ontario-mega-quarry-foodstock-event-111016/.