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NEWS: Cameron prioritizes EU-US free trade agreement during Britain’s G8 presidency

The Telegraph UK reports, “Comprising the G8 are countries which have, historically, been the richest in the world – France, Japan, Russia, Canada, Germany, Italy, the US and the UK. The UK took up its presidency, which rotates through the G8 members, on 1 January 2013. As president of the group, Britain will host this year’s G8 summit. …Setting out his priorities for the presidency, Mr Cameron said that he wanted the G8 to focus on the fight against protectionism in global trade, action against tax avoidance; and promoting greater transparency and openness in governments.”

The Globe and Mail reports today, “British Prime Minister David Cameron has a worthy goal for Britain’s 12-month presidency of the G8 group of wealthy nations. He wants the group to start work on an EU-US free trade agreement. …An agreement between two such large economic areas could create a new template for global trade liberalization. That’s the bigger goal – and the reason for Mr. Cameron and the G8 to be as ambitious as possible on EU-US trade.”

Last week, Global News reported, “The new year brings new pressure for the Harper government to finalize a free trade agreement with the European Union as the economic powerhouse eyes a similar deal with the United States. …(The Harper government) may be in a race against time in 2013 as they try and ink a deal before the European Union gets distracted by possible free trade negotiations with the United States. The Europeans and their American counterparts have been working on guidelines for free trade talks and negotiations could start at some point in 2013.”

The G8 summit will take place on June 17-18 at the Lough Erne hotel and golf resort near Enniskillen in Co Fermanagh.