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NEWS: Canada not in the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade talks

The Globe and Mail reports this afternoon that, “Canada finds itself on the outside of the next big thing in free trade — the Trans-Pacific Partnership.”

“The TPP negotiating countries — including New Zealand the United States — have determined that Canada isn’t ready (i.e. serious enough) to join the talks. Among the reasons: Canada won’t put sensitive areas such as agriculture and supply management on the table, according to Inside U.S. Trade, a Washington-based trade journal.”

“(This is reportedly) because of intense pressure not to touch the costly regime that shields domestic dairy, egg and chicken producers.”

“The TPP currently counts Brunei, Chile, New Zealand and Singapore as members. The U.S., Australia, Malaysia, Peru and Vietnam are all in talks to join. And Japan is also musing about wanting in — a move that could make the TPP a vast and powerful free trade area.”

“If the TPP goes ahead — and that’s a big ‘if’ — Canada would be left on the sidelines of a deal that could (says the Globe and Mail) open lucrative and highly protected Asian markets for beef and other freely traded agricultural products.”