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NEWS: CNSC approves radioactive shipments on the Great Lakes

The Canadian Press reports late today that, “Bruce Power has been given the go-ahead to transport 16 decommissioned steam generators from southwestern Ontario (across the Great Lakes and then on) to Sweden for recycling.”

“On Friday, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission issued Bruce Power a transport licence that will be valid until Feb. 3, 2012. …The commission says it’s satisfied that Bruce Power’s application meets Canadian and international regulations for the transport of nuclear substances.”

The Council of Canadians has consistently opposed the application for these shipments on the Great Lakes and will be responding with an action plan shortly.

The Canadian Press report is at http://www.trurodaily.com/News/Canada%20-%20World/Society/2011-02-04/article-2200041/Bruce-Power-gets-OK-to-ship-16-radioactive-generators-through-Great-Lakes/1.