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NEWS: Council of Canadians applies for NEB intervenor status on Line 9 pipeline

Hamilton’s View magazine reports, “The National Energy Board has received nearly 200 applications to participate in the hearings on the expansion and flow reversal of the Enbridge Line 9 pipeline that could also be used to export diluted bitumen from the Alberta tar sands. …The controversial process imposed by the federal Conservative government requires formal applications to participate from even those who only want to submit a letter of comment, and gives the NEB the authority to choose who will be heard and in what way.”

“Local applicants include the cities of Hamilton and Burlington, federal NDP MPs (represented by Peter Julian), the Hamilton 350 Committee, the local chapter of the Council of Canadians, Burlington Green, the Burlington office of Environment Canada, and numerous individuals. …(Those seeking intervenor status are) Toronto and Mississauga as well as the Toronto Region Conservation Authority and national citizen groups such as Environmental Defence, the Sierra Club and the Council of Canadians. …Singer Sarah Harmer, applying for intervenor status on behalf of herself and her family, notes the Enbridge pipe traverses 400 metres of their Mt Nemo property and has been subjected to blasting effects from the Nelson quarry…”

The hearings are scheduled for late-August.

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