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NEWS: Council of Canadians opposes nuclear waste dump on Lake Huron

Emma Lui (centre)

Bayshore Broadcasting reports, “A plan to bury low level radioactive waste 680 metres underground at the Bruce Power site on Lake Huron, is running into opposition from the Council of Canadians. It warns that ‘extreme caution is needed when nuclear waste and freshwater are involved.’ …Council of Canadians spokesperson, Emma Lui tells Bayshore Broadcasting news, some of this material will be around for hundreds of years. Lui says there are plans for public meetings in Canada next year (2012) but residents on the Michigan side of Lake Huron have no opportunity to comment.”

“The Ontario Power Generation nuclear waste repository could be open in 2013 and would start receiving waste by 2018. The Council of Canadians also warns that once the site is open, OPG will likely start storing high-level radioactive waste. That she says would pose an even greater threat to the drinking water of millions in North America.”

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The Council of Canadians rejects nuclear power because it poses an unacceptable risk to people and the environment. Council of Canadians staff and chapters are currently campaigning against the proposed shipments of nuclear waste from the Bruce Power nuclear plant on the Great Lakes, the disposal of nuclear waste from southern Ontario in Saskatchewan, and the building of two new nuclear reactors on the north shore of Lake Ontario. Chairperson Maude Barlow has signed an international statement advocating that the “human community…should phase out, abolish and replace (nuclear) technologies with alternatives that do not threaten present and future generations. This applies to nuclear weapons as well as to nuclear power reactors.”

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