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NEWS: Council supports FIPA legal challenge, May-June court date draws near

Ha-Shilth-Sa reports, “A court action launched by Hupacasath First Nation is the last remaining obstacle to the Canada-China Foreign Investment Protection Agreement. …On Jan. 18, with support from organizations like the Council of Canadians, Leadnow, the Chiefs of Ontario and the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs, Hupacasath filed a motion in federal court to stop the treaty, based on Ottawa’s failure to consult with First Nations as required under Section 35.2 of the Canadian Constitution.”

“Former Hupacasath councillor Brenda Sayers, who continues to spearhead the legal initiative, said the federal case has been fast-tracked. …’There will be a three-day court case some time in late May or early June’, Sayers said. …While the case has yet to go before a federal judge, the main task of examining witnesses and taking testimony has already been accomplished, Sayers said. Both sides are now preparing their legal arguments.”

“‘We’ve managed to raise $116,000 to date (April 24). Our goal is to raise $150,000. That should cover the cost of the entire court action. …We’ve had a wonderful response from the Canadian public’, Sayers said. ‘We recently had an Idle No More event organized by Comox First Nation where they raised $2,700.”

Council of Canadians supporters have played a significant role in supporting this legal challenge. The Comox chapter was able to match the $2,700 noted above, while the Calgary chapter donated $400 to the legal challenge. To date, Council of Canadians supporters have contributed almost $17,000 to the Hupacasath challenge against FIPA. To make your contribution, please see the front page of our website or go directly to https://fundrazr.com/campaigns/5RWS1.

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