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NEWS: Fukushima trace radioactivity found in Ontario, NB and BC

The Ottawa Citizen reports, “Radiation monitors in Ontario, New Brunswick and British Columbia have detected minute traces of radioactive iodine suspected to be from Japan’s stricken Fukushima nuclear plant. The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission characterizes the quantities of Iodine-131 as infinitesimal and stresses there are no health hazards to Canadians.”

“Bruce Power, operator of the Bruce nuclear generating station on the shores of Lake Huron northwest of Toronto, recently reported traces of airborne I-131 in a small number of monitoring samples. …NB Power, operator of the Point Lepreau nuclear generating station, recently detected even smaller amounts of I-131. Researchers at Simon Fraser University also report finding trace amounts in seaweed and rainwater around Vancouver.”

“Health Canada sets the safe maximum annual exposure for nuclear workers at 50 millisieverts, 100,000 times the level of Japanese radiation monitored in British Columbia, for example. …A full-body CT scan might expose you to up to 30 millisieverts, many times the exposure to the radiation from Japan.”

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