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NEWS: Guelph chapter holds event on peak oil

The Guelph Mercury reports that Robert Rapier, an American chemical engineer and peak oil expert, “was in (Guelph) Wednesday night to give the keynote address at an event titled Our Environmental Future, (which was) hosted by the University of Guelph and sponsored by the Council of Canadians and Transition Guelph.”

“A crowd of about 175 students, professors and concerned citizens (heard from him that) “we’re running out of cheap oil. Globally, we discover one new barrel for every four or five we use, and by 2015, we may see a global shortfall of 10 million barrels a day.”

The article adds, “Ethanol, biomass, electric cars, wind and solar – none of these would solve the crisis. No, the answer lay in reducing consumption, and therefore dependence, Rapier said.”

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