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NEWS: Harper-Obama meeting on border security delayed

The Canadian Press reports this afternoon that, “A highly touted meeting between Stephen Harper and Barack Obama (expected this month) on a perimeter security pact has been pushed back… Insiders say the signing summit is now expected no earlier than February and possibly as late as spring.”

“Officials have set a four-month window to make concrete progress once they get the green light from leaders. But there are strong indications a genuine perimeter arrangement will take much longer to craft.”

“As news of the renewed border negotiations leaked out last fall, the Conservative government faced criticism for compromising Canadian interests.”

“The Council of Canadians, which has consistently opposed all integration initiatives with the U.S., also expressed concern. Group chairwoman Maude Barlow said any Canadian move towards ‘harmonization, collaboration and information-sharing with the Department of Homeland Security’ to promote trade would raise sovereignty and privacy concerns.”

More of this article – which includes key aspects that might be part of a border security deal – can be read at http://mobile.metronews.ca/edmonton/world/article/738464–perimeter-security-deal-faces-delay.