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NEWS: Latin American Parliament forum on the right to water, Nov. 7-8

Ana Elisa Osorio

Ana Elisa Osorio

An international forum called ‘The Human Right to Water that Unites Us’ is taking place now (November 7-8) in Caracas, Venezuela. The forum is sponsored by the Latin American Parliament, Venezuela’s Ministry of Environment, and Hidroven.

The Latin American Parliament (Parlatino), is a 264-member consultative assembly, in which the delegates must represent the views of their parent parliaments in 22 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean. It is similar to an early model of the European Parliament. Hidroven (Compañía Anónima Hidrológica de Venezuela) is a state-owned holding company established in that country in 1990 to promote potable drinking water and wastewater collection and treatment.

Prensa Latina reports, “The international forum called ‘The Human Right to Water that Unites Us’ (is) to promote the best ways to use water as a mechanism of peace and public asset. (It) seeks to create a regional regulatory body that promotes a framework law on water for all countries in the region. …At the end of the forum, a law on the resolution of water conflicts in peace, equity and social justice among the peoples of the region must be approved, so as to facilitate access to water for the entire humankind and to establish decent living standards, especially for the excluded.”

The forum was organized by Ana Elisa Osorio, a Venezuelan member of the Latin American Parliament and the vice president of the Parlatino Committee on the Environment.