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NEWS: Marathon to pursue ‘South Option’ for Bamoos Lake mine

Bamoos Lake

Bamoos Lake

Marathon PGM is seeking ways to dispose of the tailings that would result from a proposed mine it wants to develop in northern Ontario.

Today, Marathon announced that it “has decided unilaterally to withdraw the North Option from further consideration.”

What does this mean?

“The North Option, involves dumping the tailings directly into Bamoos Lake, destroying all life in this 10,000 year old lake. Presently, Bamoos Lake’s 48 million cubic metres of cold water habitat support highly productive, native, naturally reproducing stocks of lake trout, brook trout and other fishes. Local aboriginal people and other citizens of the area have enjoyed this healthy, safe source of food for generations. Less than than one percent of all lakes in Ontario host Lake Trout.”

SOUTH OPTION – DESTROY 44 PONDS, 30 STREAMS, BUILD 12 DAMS “The South Option, involves the loss of 44 ponds and 30 streams. One of the estimated twelve dams required for this option would be approximately 89 meters high – the height of a 27 story building – and half a kilometre wide.”

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