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NEWS: Melancthon quarry subject of provincial election debate

The Orangeville Banner reports, “The Highland Companies’ plan to mine aggregate in Melancthon dominated the first meeting (on September 7) of candidates vying to become Dufferin-Caledon’s MPP.” Council of Canadians organizer Mark Calzavara attended this debate.

The article reports, “The first quarry-related question asked (Conservative incumbent Sylvia) Jones if her party would conduct a ‘full provincial assessment’ and her leader’s position on the subject. ‘I am happy to represent the views of Dufferin-Caledon,’ Jones replied. ‘The views of Dufferin-Caledon have been very clear on this proposed application.’ However, Jones failed to explain the view of PC leader Tim Hudak on the quarry application.”

“(Liberal candidate Lori) Holloway questioned the sincerity of Jones’ answer. ‘I’m not hearing any passion in her voice about protecting our environment, our water or agricultural land,’ Holloway said. ‘She’s been arm twisted now to agree that she will do what her community is asking her to do.’ Holloway said she would recommend a review of the Aggregate Resource Act (ARA) if elected. …The Liberal candidate also said she believes a moratorium is needed on quarry applications that would dig below the water table or placed on agricultural lands and watersheds.”

“(Conservative candidate) Jones said Linda Jeffrey, Minister of Natural Resources, had previously told Melancthon Mayor Bill Hill an environmental assessment is not necessary.” An environmental assessment was ordered by the Liberal government just days before the election began.

“’The leader of the Green Party has made it perfectly clear that this quarry requires an Environmental Assessment (EA) at the least,” (Green candidate Rob) Strang said. ‘We are absolutely opposed to it.'”

There is currently no NDP candidate in this riding.

For more on the candidates’ position on the quarry, please go to http://canadians.org/blog/?p=10101.

The full article is at http://www.orangeville.com/news/local/article/1079912–quarry-stonewalls-all-candidates-debate.