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NEWS: MP Stewart releases map of Trans Mountain pipeline route

Burnaby Now reports that the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion line may not follow the right-of-way of the existing Trans Mountain pipeline. The newspaper notes, “Kinder Morgan is planning to twin the Trans Mountain, increasing capacity from 300,000 barrels a day to 750,000.”

“Burnaby-Douglas MP Kennedy Stewart has released a map outlining the path of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline, which runs beneath Burnaby backyards and major roadways. …The current line runs along the south side of Burnaby Mountain, through the Forest Grove area, and over to the Westridge Marine Terminal, but the twin line may not necessarily follow the existing right-of-way. ‘This new map shows the current route of the Trans Mountain pipeline. More importantly, it gives residents a sense of where Kinder Morgan’s new pipeline expansion may occur,’ said Stewart. ‘I think people will be surprised as to how close this major construction project is to homes, schools and parks.'”

“Stewart hired a private company to create the map based on public information. ‘I asked Kinder Morgan for a map, and they weren’t prepared to give me a map,’ he said. The NOW also previously asked Kinder Morgan for a detailed pipeline map, but the company only provided a vague map with no road markings or landmarks. …In a previous interview with the NOW, Kinder Morgan’s Lexa Hobenshield indicated that the route for the twin line may or may not follow the same right-of-way. ‘In some urban areas, we may not be able to put a pipeline in our existing right-of-way because of urban infill, … but we’re not at any level of detail to know at this point,’ she said. ‘The pipeline does run through some backyards in some locations.’ …Stewart will be displaying the map at his Burnaby Heights office during Hats Off Day on Saturday, June 2. The office is at 4658 Hastings St. Stewart will also mail the map to every household in his Burnaby-Douglas riding.”

As noted on the Council of Canadians ‘No Pipelines! No Tankers!’ web-page, “The pipeline presently spans 1,150 kms from Edmonton, Alberta to Burnaby, B.C., including through Jasper National Park. …Since 2005 it is increasingly being used to transport tar sands crude to both Greater Vancouver and the Puget Sound area in Washington State, feeding Chevron, BP, Shell and Conoco Phillips refineries as well as export terminals. …Opposition to the project grew in 2007 after a major rupture in the line dumped 200,000 litres of crude oil – enough to cover an entire neighbourhood – in North Burnaby. …The Fraser Declaration, supported by more than 130 Indigenous communities and First Nations has been expanded to include opposition to the Kinder Morgan expansion plans. A recent poll indicated that 72 per cent of Burnaby, B.C. residents are opposed to the Kinder Morgan expansion. …Kinder Morgan recently indicated in February 2012 that it will go ahead with planning a $3.8-billion proposed twinning of its Trans Mountain oil pipeline, which will require a formal application to the National Energy Board.”

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