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NEWS: Nadeau-Dubois to be sentenced next Friday

The Montreal Gazette reports that former CLASSE spokesperson Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois has been found guilty of contempt of court. The news report says, “Jean-François Morasse, a Université Laval student, filed the complaint in May after Nadeau-Dubois counselled protesters to continue picketing in spite of an injunction granted to Morasse allowing him to return to class. …Nadeau-Dubois claimed he couldn’t be held responsible for the actions of an entire movement. …Under Quebec’s Code of Civil Procedure, Nadeau-Dubois could be fined as much as $50,000 and serve up to one year in jail. …Sentencing arguments are scheduled for next Friday in Quebec. …Last night, about 200 people marched peacefully with pots and pans in support of Nadeau-Dubois. …Nadeau-Dubois said via Twitter that he would respond this morning to the decision by Quebec Superior Court Justice Denis Jacques.” The Council of Canadians stands in solidarity with Nadeau-Dubois — and we observe with regret that there appears to be no pending charges against former premier Jean Charest for violating the civil liberties of the people of Quebec through Bill 78, which severely restricted the right to protest.