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NEWS: Nash cautions against CETA, encourages supporters to join the Council of Canadians

NDP MP Peggy Nash

NDP MP Peggy Nash

The Comox Valley Echo reports that Peggy Nash, who is running for the leadership of the federal NDP, was at the Zocalo Cafe in Courtenay, BC this week to rally support. Nash told people there, “We have to demonstrate to the people of Canada that not only are we the party of social justice and environmental sustainability, but we would also be the best managers of the economy.”

The article adds, “She also cautioned against free trade deals – especially the one currently being negotiated between Canada and the European Union, which Nash believed would dangerously undermine provincial and municipal actions that currently helped local economies.” And that, “It was not the government’s job alone, but community involvement was necessary and she urged supporters to be active in organizations like the Sierra Club and Council of Canadians to ensure their voice was heard.”

The NDP leadership convention will take place on March 24 in Toronto.