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NEWS: PEI signs fracking contract with Petroworth

PEI Environment Minister Richard Brown

PEI Environment Minister Richard Brown

Ocean 100.3 FM reports, “Opposition (Progressive Conservative) MLA Jim Bagnall quizzed (Prince Edward Island) Environment Minister Richard Brown on the exploration practice called ‘fracking’…”

“(Fracking is) where water, sand and chemicals are blasted through the ground to find natural gas.”

“Bagnall says the (Liberal) government (of premier Robert Ghiz) has signed a contract with a company called Petroworth for this type of exploration. He says the deal covers 440-thousand acres of land and it’s dangerous to our ground water.”

“(The provincial environment minister) says fracking will not be allowed (in Prince Edward Island) if it’s found to be dangerous, after a full environmental assessment.”

“Bagnall says the deal with Petroworth should be cancelled, none-the-less because of the dangers involved to our ground water.”

The Council of Canadians Charlottetown chapter is following up on this.