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NEWS: Peterborough chapter opposes new nuclear reactors

The Council of Canadians Peterborough-Kawarthas chapter is a member group in Safe and Green Energy (SAGE). The group will be commenting against the building of two new nuclear reactors on the north shore of Lake Ontario near Clarington (about 22 kilometres from Peterborough) later this month at public hearings – jointly sponsored by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and the Canadian Environmental Agency Agency – now underway in Oshawa.

Today, the Toronto Star reports, “Roy Brady of Peterborough, a member of a community group called Safe and Green Energy, which received funding from the panel to appear later in the hearings (was present at yesterday’s hearing featuring Dr. Helen Caldicott of Physicians for Social Responsibility). He wasn’t impressed with what he heard (from Ontario Power Generation). …OPG, the agency tasked with generating and selling electricity in Ontario, insisted the project poses no credible risk. …’OPG is simply saying there isn’t going to be an accident,’ said Brady. ‘Basically that’s what they want us to know: It can’t happen here. We’re not Japan, we’re not Chernobyl. We’re not Three Mile Island.'”

The license to prepare the site for two new nuclear reactors on Lake Ontario could be issued before the end of 2011.

The Council of Canadians rejects nuclear power because it poses an unacceptable risk to people and the environment. It is neither clean, safe, peaceful, nor economic. We are opposed to the further expansion of nuclear power in our country. Faced with climate change and diminishing energy resources globally, we recognize the need for a just transition away from a fossil fuel and nuclear dependent society, while ensuring Canadians access to basic energy needs, to sustainable, publicly funded and publicly delivered energy alternatives that benefit both workers and their communities. We support renewable, non-invasive energy sources (such as solar and wind power), energy efficiency and conservation.

More on SAGE at http://www.gosage.net/Site/About_SAGE.html.