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NEWS: Petroworth receives final approval to drill by Lake Ainslie

The Council of Canadians has been raising concerns about the environmental impact of oil and gas drilling near Lake Ainslie, the largest freshwater lake in Nova Scotia.

In a media release issued this morning, Petroworth “announced today that it has received approval from the Nova Scotia Department of Energy to drill an oil well on the Company’s Lake Ainslie Block property in Cape Breton.”

“On July 29, 2011, the Department of Environment approved PetroWorth’s industrial approval application, which addressed issues such as process waste management and groundwater monitoring. The approval by the Department of Energy now clears the way for PetroWorth to move forward with its exploration plans on Cape Breton.”

“PetroWorth will now endeavour to commission a drill rig. The Company has until July 15, 2012 to drill this well. Further details will be provided as developments unfold.”

More soon.