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NEWS: ‘Water On The Table’ in Ottawa, April 8

Centretown News reports, “On April 5-8, the Canadian Museum of Nature will host The Best of the Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival in conjunction with the Planet and Focus Film Festival organization and the Alliance of Natural History Museums of Canada. The festival will feature 11 environmentally-conscious films…”

“Liz Marshall’s most recent film endeavour, a documentary entitled Water on the Table, is scheduled to be shown during the festival (on Friday April 8 at 7:05 pm). Marshall based her film on the works of Maude Barlow, nicknamed the international water warrior, who works as the national chairperson for the Council of Canadians. The film focuses on the water warrior’s crusade to have water protected as a human right and a sacred covenant, as opposed to a commodity like any other, says Marshall.”

The article adds, “A nightly discussion during intermission will take place, hosted by various guest speakers involved with environmental education. Among the guest speakers is Marshall, who says documentaries provide movie goers with a different experience. …The filmmaker says film is a powerful medium to relay important messages and, in this case, create a general sense of environmental awareness. ‘It’s why I do what a do,’ she says. ‘Film audiences are less passive and more mobilised when it comes to documentary.’”

Council of Canadians members and supporters in the Ottawa area are encouraged to see the film.

More on Water On The Table at http://www.wateronthetable.com/. More on the film festival at http://nature.ca/en/plan-your-visit/what-see-do/whats/best-planet-focus-environmental-film-festival.