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NEWS: Windsor chapter asks Tecumseh to reject water fluoridation

CBC reports, “Two groups are banding together to try to convince Tecumseh town council to petition the Windsor Utilities Commission to stop fluoridating the water it supplies to the town. …Doug Hayes of the Council of Canadians said he will be there (on Tuesday) with a representative from the group Fluoride Free Windsor. Hayes lives in Tecumseh and only drinks fluoride-free water. He considers it hazardous to his health. …Hayes said researchers have not found any difference in the teeth of people who drink fluoridated water compared to those who don’t. He said it can actually cause damage to teeth, called dental fluorosis.”

Taking an opposing view, “Medical officer of health, Dr. Allen Heimann, is to appear before Tecumseh council with a local dentist to defend water fluoridation.”

“The mayor of Tecumseh told CBC News in November that the decision to remove fluoride from municipal drinking water should be put to a referendum. But, people need to educate themselves about the additive first.”

If you scroll mid-way down the CBC Windsor website there is an on-line poll that asks, “Should fluoride be removed from municipal drinking water?” As of Saturday at 9 am ET, the vote was 173 (67.32 percent) YES, and 84 (32.68 percent) NO. You can cast your vote at

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