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Northumberland chapter celebrates Elma Parker

Elma Parker

The Council of Canadians Northumberland chapter is expressing its appreciation of Elma Parker.

Chapter activist Patricia Daly writes in Northumberland Today that, “Elma Parker, now 91, has been a longstanding advocate, activist and past-president of the Council of Canadians in Northumberland County for many years. We regret to say that she is now in palliative care at Northumberland Hills Hospital.”

She highlights, “Being the iron-lady that she is, she guided the chapter through many tricky straits and narrow passes over the years and was instrumental in establishing this chapter of the Council of Canadians back in 1989. We have much to thank Elma for. She has left us a legacy of steely determination and dedication that has helped shape how we all think and see ourselves.”

Daly adds, “As president of the Council of Canadians here for many years she has been a voice for hardworking family farmers. She has been a voice for fair-trade, and electoral reform, an advocate for the right to water, water security and protection.”

And she concludes, “Elma knows how important it is to stand up for decency and the harmony we all hope to achieve and how dire it is that everything simply must make sense in this country and in this world as we all move forward. She never gave up the fight and never shall we.”

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