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Northumberland chapter warns Brighton council about Line 9 pipeline

The Northumberland County chapter of the Council of Canadians has taken its opposition to the Enbridge Line 9 pipeline to Brighton municipal council.

Quinte News reports, “The Northumberland chapter of the Council of Canadians warned [Brighton] council about the dangers posed by the aging pipeline. …Brighton council wants more time to study issues surrounding the federal government decision to allow Enbridge to change the oil product it carries in pipeline 9, which runs from Sarnia to Montreal and runs through the Quinte region. …Brighton council will discuss the issue again at its next meeting. [In addition], Pipeline 9 will [also] be discussed at Northumberland County council tomorrow.”

Brighton is located about 150 kilometres east of Toronto.

Council of Canadians chapter activists in Ontario and Quebec are actively opposing Line 9.

If it proceeds, Line 9 would move 300,000 barrels per day of diluted bitumen from Alberta’s tar sands and fracked oil from North Dakota eastward to refineries Montreal.

In February, a CTV W5 investigative report said that Line 9 had spilled at least 35 times in the Great Lakes region. And just last week, the Montreal Metropolitan Community, a coordinating body that represents 82 communities in the region, said that the pipeline poses a risk to the region’s drinking water supply.