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Notes from the Tar Sands Healing Walk

Friday morning – I’m glad that from the Council of Canadians we have 7 chapter activists, 5 staff, and 1 Board member here for tomorrow’s Tar Sands Healing Walk. It’s a very powerful and moving experience to be here on the territory of the Fort McMurray First Nation with many friends and allies from across the country.

Folks from The Council of Canadians

Friday afternoon – We’re just outside of Fort McMurray in northern Alberta listening to Bill McKibben make the point that the carbon dioxide in world’s atmosphere is at 400 parts per million now. And that only 3 per cent of the oil in the tar sands has been extracted. If all the oil were to be taken, it would take us to 540 ppm! To say that’s a scary fact is an understatement.

Bill McKibben

Friday afternoon – Prior to the walk itself, hundreds of participants engage in a day of workshops, panels and discussions on the tar sands and related issues.

Photo by Ben Powless.

Saturday afternoon – On the Tar Sands Healing Walk.

Tar Sands Healing Walk

Saturday afternoon – The tar sands are the ‘wrong way’.

The tar sands are the 'wrong way'

Sunday morning – Just beginning to pack up my home for the past three nights at the Tar Sands Healing Walk. Thank you to the Fort McMurray First Nation for allowing us to be on their land. Home in Ottawa by midnight!

Tar Sands Healing Walk camp

Monday morning – I’m home now – and reflecting on the experience and thinking about what more we need to do to stop the destruction and start the healing.

Photo by Zack Embree
Photo by Zack Embree.

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