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Nova Scotia to ban import of fracking wastewater

MetroNews reports that Nova Scotia’s new Liberal government is promising to place a ban on the importation of hydraulic fracturing wastewater into the province.

“Premier Stephen McNeil said a ban on the importation of hydraulic fracturing wastewater is needed because it doesn’t make sense to take in that waste when there is a moratorium on fracking in the province while an independent review of fracking is underway. McNeil said he wants to send a clear message to other jurisdictions where fracking is also a hot-button issue. ‘If New Brunswick wants to do fracking or any other province wants to do fracking, don’t look to the province of Nova Scotia to deal with your fracking waste’, he said.”

Earlier this month, the Union of Nova Scotia Municipalities passed a resolution supporting a province-wide moratorium on hydraulic fracturing. The resolution from the coalition of 54 municipalities calls for dialogue between First Nations, federal, provincial and municipal governments on the impacts of fracking.

The announcement of the promised ban in yesterday’s Throne Speech follows the November 5 announcement that the government of Newfoundland and Labrador would not be “accepting applications for onshore and onshore to offshore petroleum exploration using hydraulic fracturing”. And it also follows news this month that a legislative committee in Prince Edward Island recommended, “that Government declare a moratorium on high volume hydraulic fracturing on Prince Edward Island.”

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