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Opponents of Fraserville water pipeline want province to act

The Peterborough Examiner reports today that, “Presenters at a meeting of people opposed to a proposed water diversion project in Cavan Monaghan Township warned about the possible environmental and financial outcomes of the proposed project.”

“Speaker Jane Zednik said the project proposes running water from (three artesian wells in Millbrook) to vacant land in Fraserville that’s slated for development with 684 new homes. It’s a 12-kilometre journey through a series of pipes that could cost between $9.9 million and $11 million, she said.”

“About 200 people attended Tuesday night’s meeting (including Council of Canadians activist Roy Brady)… The presenters encouraged everyone to write to local and provincial politicians with their questions and comments about the project.”

“The group wants the province to tell the township that it has to conduct further environmental assessments before going through with the plan.”

“The group is (also) holding a protest Sunday at 2:30 p.m. The walk begins at the Old Millbrook School and will travel around the town.”

Roy Brady adds that, “the Council of Canadians was credited twice for its support, including for being in the crowd (on Tuesday night).”

Our September 7 campaign blog ‘Millbrook-Fraserville water pipeline planned to service casino, golf course’ is at http://canadians.org/campaignblog/?p=1774.

That blog highlights an on-line petition against the proposed water pipeline at www.speakoutcavanmonaghan.ca or www.socm.ca.

The full Peterborough Examiner article is at http://m.peterboroughexaminer.com/article.aspx?a=2138531.