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Opposition grows against water diversion project

Campaign blogs in September and October have highlighted opposition to a proposed water diversion project in Cavan Monaghan Township in Ontario.

The project proposes running water from three artesian wells in Millbrook through a pipeline to vacant land in Fraserville that’s slated for development with 684 new homes.
There is an on-line petition against the proposed water pipeline at or
Yesterday, the Peterborough Examiner reported that “the petition now has more than 1,100 names on it – almost as many people as there are in Millbrook. …In Millbrook, 533 people voted in the 2006 municipal election.”

“Jane Zednik, a Millbrook resident… is in the process of completing a class EA Part 2 order for the Ministry of the Environment and will include the petition with that. (This is a planning document outlining whether a proposed project meets the conditions of the Environmental Assessment Act.) She also wants to stage a mass public signing of the document as a way to build interest in the cause.”

“Catherine Kaye of Fraserville, a member of the Council of Canadians, said it’s ridiculous to spend $30 million or more – a third of which comes from township coffers – on the project.”

The full article can be read at

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