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PEI considers ban of bottled water in government offices

The Guardian reports this morning that, “Premier Robert Ghiz says the province is seriously discussing a ban on bottled water within government facilities.The issue was brought up Thursday when the senior water adviser to the United Nations and Council of Canadians chair Maude Barlow met with the premier to discuss her concerns about access to clean water on P.E.I.”

The article notes, “She offered several suggestions on how Prince Edward Island can sustain and protect its groundwater supply. Banning the sale and purchase of bottled water in all provincial public spaces, including the legislative assembly and in all provincial government buildings, would promote and support the Island’s public water, Barlow said.”

Barlow says, “We’ve asked the premier and other premiers to ban bottled water and to invest in more infrastructure into our public water so it’s supporting public water.”

Barlow also says, “We’re really suggesting that Prince Edward Island and other provinces name their water a public trust and then set a priority for use that is really strongly managed – from watershed management and conservation to strict pollution control – and stating that people have a right to clean water.”

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