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Picnic at the River

Today I participated in, what might have been seen by many in Mexico City, a romantic activity, but it is seen by others as a step to rescue this city from its madness and unsustainability. A group of more than 70 organizations promoted this picnic at the River de la Piedad in the heart of Mexico City. More than 300 people attended this call.

Why is this such a peculiar space to make a picnic? Well… because the River de la Piedad, as so many others in this city, has been piped for more than 50 years. Today, the space is actually an urban highway that goes by the name of Viaducto. It is by no means, a friendly space to have a picnic now, but the energy was definitively positive.

The restoration of Mexico City’s water cycle is indispensable for the future of the city. This is a sane and necessary proposal. It will benefit citizens in improving the water quality and availability, air quality, friendly and environmentally healthy public spaces and better urban mobility.