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Pipelines, CETA top Harper’s fall agenda

The House of Commons has recessed for the summer and will reconvene on Monday September 16.

What will the Harper government’s fall agenda look like?

The Canadian Press reports:

  1. “Government sources say Harper will emphasize major energy projects, including pipelines to take Alberta’s oil to tidewater, as the source of more economic stability for Canada. That would include the Keystone XL pipeline through the United States, the Northern Gateway pipeline from Alberta to British Columbia, and a west-east line that would bring oil to refineries in Eastern Canada.”

  2. “The goal of eliminating the deficit — and finally fulfilling such promises as income-splitting for families — is another familiar theme that Tories say they expect to figure prominently.”

  3. “Further belt-tightening in the federal public service could potentially be part of that deficit fight.”

  4. “A trade deal with the European Union is another win that the Conservatives are counting on this fall.”

While it will be the same agenda, we may see different ministers delivering it. “With a cabinet shuffle still widely expected in mid-July, the opportunity to build some new momentum and distract public attention away from the Senate spending scandal is still at least two weeks away. Harper has been putting the pieces together for a major shuffle since early this year, including conversations with individual ministers. But who is going where is still a major question — and source of speculation — around Parliament Hill.”

The article also editorializes, “Both Obama and Harper have faced difficult springs politically — Obama with the controversy over federal spying and the taxman targeting right-wing groups, and Harper with a Senate spending scandal. But the two leaders appear to be taking contrasting approaches to turning the page. …While Barack Obama unveils a major new climate-change strategy in the United States, Stephen Harper is expected to make natural resources one of his key agenda items this fall.”

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