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Poll says Harper would lose 35 seats and government if election held today

Seat projections based on an EKOS poll conducted between January 20-26 have the Liberals winning 119 seats, the Conservatives 110 seats, the NDP 30 seats, the Bloc 46 seats, and the Green Party 1 seat – if the election were held today.

The Conservatives now have 145 seats so this polling – for a second time in a row – shows a loss for them of approximately 35 seats.

These results are increasing speculation that the opposition parties may push for a federal election based on a non-confidence vote on the Conservative budget to be delivered on March 4. That would put voting day on April 12.

On January 14, the Globe and Mail reported that the Harper government would lose 33 seats if an election were to happen then. That story is at

Today’s news report is at