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Prince Albert & Red Deer chapters sponsor “Harper: The Musical” peformances

Harper: The Musical.

The Council of Canadians Prince Albert chapter is sponsoring a presentation of “Harper: The Musical: How To Survive and Thrive in The Dying Days of the Empire of Oil” on Tuesday February 10. The Council of Canadians Red Deer and Area chapter is also organizing for a performance of this play on Thursday February 12.

The Prince Albert Daily Herald reports, “The two-hour presentation includes a large Stephen Harper ventriloquist dummy, songs, an interactive discussion with the audience, film, slides and backing tracks.” The one-man show is performed by James Gordon, who is a newly elected city councillor from Guelph, Ontario. “The veteran singer-songwriter has been performing the show for about a year. He’ll be touring in Saskatchewan, Alberta and the Northwest Territories in February, while in March he heads to B.C.”

Gordon says, “If we’re looking at Harper’s record, it’s one thing to say that I agree or disagree but it’s another to shine a light on it because we have very short political memories in this country. It’s easy to forget what happened a year ago; things are happening pretty fast.”

The article adds, “He hopes that people who attend his show on Feb. 10 bring their opinions. He always asks the crowd for their thoughts on where we are at as a country and where we need to be to survive.”

For more about the show in Prince Albert and how to order tickets for it, please click here. For more on the show in Red Deer, please click on their Facebook event page here or the Council of Canadians Red Deer and Area chapter website here.

Gordon will also be performing in Canmore, Calgary and Yellowknife this month.

For more on the Council of Canadians democracy campaign – which seeks to defeat the Harper government in the October 19 election – please click here.