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Quebec voices demand public debate on Canada-EU corporate rights deal

More than 20 Quebec voices representing a cross-section of civil society have called for an immediate public debate on the proposed Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). In a joint opinion piece that ran in Le Devoir and La Presse this week, the groups condemn the ongoing secrecy about CETA from the federal and provincial governments. They also question the current ratification process at both levels, claiming “a total of 21 days [of debate] in the Canadian parliament without the possibility of amendments, and two hours in the Quebec national assembly, are completely insufficient.”

You can read the letter (French) on the RQIC website here: http://rqic.alternatives.ca/spip.php?article118

You can sign a petition asking the Harper government to release the CETA text and hold hearings before the deal is signed by clicking here.