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Quinte chapter hosts Barlow for ‘Boiling Point’ public forum

Twitter photo by Volunteers4Awesome

The Council of Canadians Quinte chapter in partnership with the University Women’s Club hosted Maude Barlow for a public forum this evening in Belleville on her new book, Boiling Point: Government Neglect, Corporate Abuse, and Canada’s Water Crisis.

In Boiling Point, Barlow writes, “The water crisis is at our door here in Canada. All the issues we thought so far away are upon us now. It is time to abandon our false beliefs that Canada has unlimited supplies of water, that Canadians have taken care of this water heritage and one another or that we still have lots of time to do so. We need a strong, national plan of action based on a new water ethic that puts water protection and water justice at the heart of all our policies and laws.”

The book is now #7 on the Toronto Star and #8 on the The Globe and Mail bestselling book lists.

To date, Barlow has taken the book tour to Ottawa (September 20), Kingston (September 21), Guelph (September 22), Toronto (September 23), Vancouver (September 29), Calgary (September 30), and Belleville (October 3).

The book tour now goes to St. John’s (October 14-16), Saskatoon (October 18), Peterborough (November 1), Windsor (November 2), Barrie (November 7), London (November 9), Halifax (November 10), Renfrew (November 17), Chilliwack (November 21), and then Winnipeg (November 24).

As in Belleville, many of these book tour events are being organized by Council of Canadians chapters.

In the acknowledgements section of her book, Barlow says, “Right across the country, tireless environmentalists, public sector workers and First Nations and community activists work day after day to protect water and local community rights. A special shout-out to the Council of Canadians chapters right across Canada, whose members give so freely of their time and talent.”

To order your copy of Boiling Point directly from the publisher, please click here.